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вторник, 22 ноября 2011 г.


Hey. everybody!
At second, on the first class I was trying to finish stupid test in English. I think I failed it but I still hope for the best. But really it was impossible to write it in a best way for 1 hour and 10 minutes when a lot of tasks I had to translate, and all of them I had to do according to 4 really huge texts which I had to read for 2 times to have a progress in understanding. Soooooo...may be it will be my first failed test in America. But one more time- I hope for the best. I switched on mu intuition which helped me a lot in difficult situations. May be this time it will save me too.
At third, our beloved Mrs. Goad gave enormously big task to do on holidays. What is more, we will have one more test on Monday...yahoo:( Sometimes I miss my geography teacher in Russia who gives pretty normal tasks in comparison with Mrs. Goad`s tasks. Unfortunately, I am not kidding! Thank u, Mrs. Goad for our happy childhood. THAAAAAAAAAANKS A LOT
At forth, my teacher in Business and Marketing told me to have a rest today while everybody is working ahahah:) It just because there is no reason to begin to do what my classmates are creating in Firefox now because I was giving presentation on this class yesterday and was not able to begin to do the task. So, I am just helping with some stuff like cutting the pages and folding papers, while my marketing class is creating... COOKING BOOK!!! The recipes of some candies are awesome, I will try to do some of these things. Taking glance on the pictures for every candy and meal makes me being really starving! I am so glad that in some minutes I will have a lunch!:)
At fifth, 2 or may be 3 notes I will post today. I promise. I am sorry that I didn`t upload photos on Sunday- I didn`t have any chance to do it because of my family`s rules `bout usage of the Internet. I hope I will do it on this Sunday.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I love you, guys!

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