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вторник, 25 октября 2011 г.

Now freaking out!

I am bored on marketing class, that is why i am writing it...O M G!We got the research project in English class...and I wouldn`t say anything, if it was not ridiculous. We have to come up to one topic, which can concern only something American, than to list 20 questions about this topic, write from 5 sources minimum 36 note cards with information and organized it on 5 pages. O M G. and really, I wouldn`t be so mad if we could choose anything about America. But we can choose something from HISTORY of America, Virginia or Nelson County(I live in this county now)!!! Judge yourself: I can`t say that I know excellent the history of my own country, but what I can write about America/Virginia/Nelson County without almost any knowledge about all this stuff?!))) Hah, btw, I can`t use any Russian sources to write this paper. Coooool)))
I will have very awkward next 3 weeks. Oh, I am wrong-less, than 3 weeks.  Olala ola lalo...)

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